Decolorization of Hair in Warsaw

Hair decolorization in Hairmate Warsaw

Changes are an inevitable part of our lives and most importantly, we can control some of them. One of such changes is the color of our hair, which may be altered with the help of a talented hairdresser. But what about decolorization? Warsaw and Hairmate salon are the best places to undergo such treatment. Feel free to contact our team today!

Professional Hair Decolorization – Warsaw

The so called hair color removal is not an easy treatment, therefore if you plan to perform it, you should definitely use the services of experts, who can be found in Hairmate. When it comes to decolorization, the price (Warsaw) can vary from 450 to 1200 PLN. It depends on various factors, such as for example the length of hair or its current color. If you are interested in Hairmate’s offer, including hair decolorization (Warsaw), the price list with current information can be found on our website. Should you need any further details, please do not hesitate to contact us.

More Than Just a Decolorization

If removing color from your hair is not enough and you want to change something more, check out other treatments available in our salons. We are sure that the right women’s haircut or trendy styling can truly change your image.

In the price list we provide estimated rates, as the final price depends on the hairdresser’s working time and the amount of materials used during the service.