About US

About US

About Hairmate

Good vibes, great hair.

Hairmate means the team.

The team of perfectly trained, creative and open-minded people, and more importantly great hairdressers. The crew of passionate individuals, from classic barbers with royal diploma from London, to avant-garde stylists, who are not afraid to create the boldest colorings. Whether you’re looking for classical cut or catwalk extravaganza, hit us up. We have the plan, we have the vision.

Hairmate means knowledge.

It is hard to find a team, that has had so many trainings all over Europe. Knowledge is the value that is exceptionally close to us, that’s why we care about constant progress. Every visit is taken care of with extreme focus. We are your mates after all.

Hairmaite means style.

Fashion and street. Rhythm, that starts on a busy morning and ends on an exciting night. For the same reason we gather experience on top shows, take part in photoshoots, our work is featured on magazine covers. For the same reason thousands of people walk the streets with our haircuts, feeling the same rhythm that fuels us. Good vibes, great hair.

Hairmate means people.

That’s why we like this quote from Richard Branson: “People are strength. This is the real engine of every business. Good people are not just crucial to a business, they are the business!”