Hair Coloring and Haircut

Hair Coloring and Haircut

Haircut and coloring package at a discounted price including a consultation with Hairmate hairdresser.

Everyone loves makeovers and haute couture. We make sure you look beautiful and feel natural every day. Our cuts result from continuous training of the entire team, as well as attendance at the best shows in Poland and abroad, and above all, it is the outcome of our search for what is the newest and most beautiful in fashion.

And if we add coloring to the above, then we like our work the most. We can do more. We give more.

Hair Coloring and Haircut Package Including Consultation with Hairmate Hairdresser

In hairdressing coloring is the most important aspect of our profession after hair cutting. In HAIRMATE salons we constantly improve our knowledge regarding hair coloring. We learn new techniques of applying dyes, attend trainings abroad, take part in hairdressing competitions, and work on photo shoots and music videos. We are inspired by every project and every person we have the opportunity to work or train with. A good hairdresser is a person who keeps growing. HAIRMATE is a mine of ambitious people who are passionate about their work. Their love for hair drives them to develop their skills.

Our stylists work with hair dyes of various brands such as Wella, Schwarzkopf, Goldwell, La Biosthetique. Therefore we are able to obtain any color or shade that is desired by a client.

The Best Hair Coloring

Each visit to our salon for hair coloring begins with a consultation with a hairdresser. For each hairdresser it is very important to get information on:

– when was the last time the hair was colored
– what products were used to color the hair
– how the hair was cared for after the coloration
– what are your expectations

All this information will bring us closer to providing the perfect hair coloring service. The stylist will explain to you how your hair is going to be colored, what kind of hair coloring is going to be performed (whether lightener is going to be applied) and together you will choose the right cut for your new hair color, so that it can be nicely exposed. HAIRMATE stylists will always suggest the most suitable shade based on the client’s complexion, face shape and style.

Coloring – You Don’t Know What Color to Choose, But You Want to Change Something?

At HAIRMATE we do not create random hair colorings. Each person gets a hair coloring suggestion, so everyone leaves us delighted with their new look. In addition to each Hair Coloring or Multi-tone Coloring service, you will be offered a Hair Care service so that your hair becomes nourished, shiny, loose and styled beautifully. If the hair is lightened during the visit, the hairdresser will certainly suggest applying Olaplex, which protects and nourishes the hair and protects its structure.

Hair coloring treatment should be repeated about once every 2 months, or at a time specified by the colorist (it can be even once every six months). However, in order to keep your hair looking good and the color vivid and intense until then, you can schedule a hair toning treatment in between hair coloring sessions. The procedure lasts about 2 hours and involves applying semi-transparent color on your hair. As a result, the color regains its glow, the roots are less visible, and your hair looks as if it was recently colored.

Hair Coloring Price List

The price range for hair coloring services starts at 300 PLN and goes up to 700 PLN. This range of prices has been introduced due to the individual approach to each client. The final price is specified by our stylist after performing the service. The price is based on the length and volume of the client’s hair, the amount of material used, and whether or not a women’s haircut was included.

If you want to know how much your hair coloring and haircut would cost, feel free to come in for a free consultation after scheduling an appointment by phone or online. The price list, on the other hand, provides estimated sums as the final price depends on the hairdresser’s working time and the materials used.

See you on the chair!

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