Hair extension – BALMAIN HAIR

Hair extension – BALMAIN HAIR

Balmain Hair

The hair of the world famous brand Balmain Hair are soft, shiny, and structurally thicker and stiffer. Balmain Hair are also more prone to styling treatments than Slavic hair. At the same time they have equally high quality and due to their thickness they are more resistant to styling and improper care. The actual period of use is usually longer – similar to the period of use of Slavic hair. The price of natural hair extensions from Balmain Hair is slightly higher than that of Slavic hair.

At Hairmate we use different techniques of extension and thickening depending on our clients’ expectations and suggestions. We can extend Balmain Hair with TAPE-ON/skin-weft method, also known as sandwich method.

What is the TAPE-ON Method?

The TAPE-ON/skin-weft method involves attaching hair strands placed on a silicone tape. They are made of two silicone tapes, with the natural hair attached to them. Hair extension is performed by placing the tape at the very hairline, right on the skin. The strip, on which the hair is placed, is transparent and very light, as well as flexible, durable and resistant. Thanks to subtle and discreet bonds it adapts to any shape of head. The effect is natural and the comfort of wearing such extensions is incomparable to other methods. What is more, silicone tapes enable quick and trouble-free reapplication of the same hair.

With the sandwich method hair can be extended and thickened creating a spectacular effect and beautiful hairstyle – strands can be extended even by several dozen centimetres! The method was created for women who often like to completely change their image. The sandwich method is becoming more and more popular because it provides a natural thickening effect, which does not require frequent touch-ups.

Advantages of the TAPE-ON Method

The main benefit of the sandwich method is that it is non-invasive. Such method of hair extending and thickening practically doesn’t affect the condition of natural strands. Thanks to the fact that the connections made of special silicon tape are flexible and non-invasive, the hair remains intact. Moreover, the hair extensions don’t get tangled and hard to comb out. The silicone tape, which is used by our stylists, will not come off or slip unexpectedly. This is ensured by high quality products, special technique of application and instructions for proper care.

Full hair extensions – 2000-4000 PLN
Partial hair extensions – individual pricing
Attaching hair on clips + styling – 200 PLN
Hair removal – 100-200 PLN
Hair lifting – 200-400 PLN