Method Hairtalk Extensions / Sandwich Method

Method Hairtalk Extensions / Sandwich Method



Also known as the sandwich method, this is a great way to quickly change your look. The technique involves attaching hair extensions with light and strong silicone tapes to client’s natural hair right at the hairline. The tapes remain in place thanks to a medical adhesive, which is completely safe. This method of hair extension and thickening is non-invasive and provides a very natural effect. Moreover, the same strands can be easily and frequently reattached. Experience the benefits of this technique yourself and make an appointment!

Who is the Sandwich Method For?

– for people who like to completely change their image on a regular basis
– for those looking for a natural effect
– ideal if you want your hair to look thicker

What Are the Advantages of the Sandwich Method?

– non-invasive, does not weigh down the natural hair
– durable and long-lasting, it does not require frequent touch-ups
– discreet and subtle
– natural effect of thicker hair
– adds up to several dozen centimeters of hair

How Much Does the Sandwich Method Cost?

– full hair extensions: 2000 – 4500 PLN (the total cost of the service will be priced individually at consultation)
– partial extensions: individual pricing, call us!
– hair removal: 100 – 200 PLN
– hair lifting: 400 PLN

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