Hair Extensions – LONG UP

Hair Extensions – LONG UP


LONG UP hair & braid hair extensions. We use strands of top quality synthetic hair for braiding. You can undergo a total makeover from short to long hair or add volume or length to your current hairstyle. As the only hair in the world they contain keratin – the equivalent of proteins in natural hair. That is why they are very light and do not weigh down hair roots and hair cells, but at the same time they are strong and easy to care for. Also, they are not affected by weather conditions, which means they do not lose color or shine. The synthetic hair is combined with thin strands of your natural hair using a special thermal applicator. You can choose strands of various textures: straight, wavy or curly in many shades. You can use this method for applying baleyage, colored highlights or cube braids, among other styles.

Japanese braid hair extensions is an excellent and effective way of lengthening almost every hair type. The method is recommended for all hair no matter how thick or thin they are. However, they cannot have a tendency to fall out. The Japanese hair extension method can be performed on anyone, even people with allergies, sensitive scalp and skin problems.

In this case we create approx. 1 cm long braids combining hair from the head with the hair extensions, that is why the method is called “braiding”. The procedure is completely non-invasive and does not interfere with the structure of the hair – the hairdresser does not use glue, welder or metal attachments. The method does not require the use of any chemicals or other substances that may cause irritation of the scalp, and the braid itself is ended only with a small rubber band. The braided hair extensions are comfortable to wear and almost imperceptible, which makes them one of the most discreet methods of attaching hair extensions. The braiding method is only suitable for people with strong, thick hair with no tendency to fall out. The choice of braided hair extensions also guarantees a lot of control over the extended hair – the strands can be easily removed at home. Another advantage of the Japanese method, apart from being completely safe for the hair and scalp, is the rather low price compared to other hair extension treatments.

After the treatment the hair can be washed, brushed and styled just like your own hair.

The clients who have had their hair extended with the Japanese method are advised to have the strands reattached usually after 4-8 weeks.

Full hair extensions – 2000 – 4000 PLN
Partial hair extensions – individual pricing
Attaching hair on clips + styling – 200 PLN
Hair removal – 100-200 PLN
Hair lifting – 200-400 PLN