Hair Extensions – Virgin Hair

Hair Extensions – Virgin Hair

Virgin Hair

Our salon offers virgin hair extensions for our most demanding clients. These are children’s hair, so they have never been colored. What’s more, they are beautiful, healthy, shiny, and with the hair cuticle preserved in 100%.

Virgin hair – what are they? These hair are individually prepared for a given person. They fit perfectly and require minimum interference when being prepared for hair extension. Virgin hair can be worn the longest and are the most valued for their durability, softness and shine. The price of hair extensions or hair thickening with virgin hair is determined individually, and depends on the chosen set of natural hair.

In Hairmate salons we use various techniques of hair extending and thickening depending on our clients expectations and suggestions. Virgin hair can be extended with the use of hair tubes.

How Does the Hair Extending with Virgin Hair Work?

The tube method is an excellent way to lengthen and thicken both normal or very thick hair. This method does not require using high temperatures as it involves attaching strands of hair to your own hair using small metal tubes. With this method you can avoid the use of thermal appliances and chemicals directly on the surface of your hair. The method is non-invasive and completely safe for the scalp. The size of the tubes and their type are adjusted to the thickness and structure of the hair. The connections are very discreet, almost invisible but the tubes still hold the strands very well. The small tubes are filled with silicone so that the strands do not slip out of the natural ones, and they do not cut the natural hair or interfere with its structure. Once the roots start to appear, you can remove the tubes and reattach the hair with new bonds.


– spectacular effect achieved in a short time
– long-lasting effect
– invisible connections between natural and attached hair
– non-invasive silicone tubes
– good price for the hair extensions service


Full hair extensions – 2 500 – 3 500 PLN
Partial extensions – individual pricing
Hair removal – 100- 200 PLN
Hair lifting – 200- 400 PLN