Hair extensions – Slavic Hair

Hair extensions – Slavic Hair

Slavic Hair

These are the most valued hair in the world for their softness, smooth structure and silky shine. They are high-quality REMY hair, which means that they are cut along the direction of the hair cuticle, preventing tangling. They are soft, and they are dyed in the course of treatment in about 30 colors. Thanks to the wide range of colors they are the most popular choice among professional hair extension stylists in hair salons. You can order them in a straight or, on special request, wavy or curly structure (the curl is obtained by perming them).

Generally, after treatment Slavic hair requires intensive moisturizing and proper care. The hair can be exposed to all kinds of styling treatments, such as straightening and curling, as well as coloring. If properly cared for, the hair can be used for up to 18 months. If the hair lack proper care, they lose their shine and the hair cuticle remains open, which can cause tangling and problems with styling. Blonde hair can be worn for half as long because the hair has been heavily decolorized, which affects its durability. In order to wear your hair extensions without any problems, ask your stylist about the highest quality hair extensions, the right hair care products, hair care instructions and hair warranty.

At Hairmate salons we use different techniques of hair extension and thickening depending on our clients’ expectations and suggestions. We can extend Slavic hair using ultrasonic method, keratin method and tubes.

Ultrasonic hair extension is a technologically advanced method. The hair is connected with the use of a special device emitting ultrasonic waves, which activate the connection points of hair without destroying hair or affecting the scalp in any way. This method is commonly referred to as the “cold fusion” method, which means cold bonding. The ultrasound device works precisely on the surface between the plates located at its tips. By emitting ultrasounds the device causes vibrations of creatine molecules. This process changes the creatine structure and fuses keratin scales with natural hair. Thanks to this method we obtain flat and subtle bonds, which are less visible and palpable in comparison to traditional welder. We do not have to worry that the hair will be tangled even if the roots exceed 3 cm. Such bonding is recommended for dry and damaged hair. It is also recommended for clients allergic to metals used in microrings method. The hair connected with ultrasonic method can be worn for about 6 months.


– permanent connection
– long-lasting effect
– flat, discreet connections
– the hair connected this way can be worn longer than the hair connected with welder, without any concerns about tangling
– we don’t have to use the welder which generates heat and can damage our hair
– the precise spot connecting
– the use of keratin (a natural building block of hair) as a bond
– the possibility to attach a few strands at a time, which significantly speeds up the entire procedure
– recommended for clients allergic to metals


Full hair extensions – 2 500- 3 500 PLN
Partial extensions – individual pricing
Hair removal 100- 200 PLN
Hair lifting 200- 400 PLN