Men’s haircut + Anti-gray treatment

Men’s haircut + Anti-gray treatment


The first gray strands of hair become a real problem for many men. So they try to find ways of hiding them. Hair coloring is not for everyone as men are afraid that the effect might look unnatural. This is why anti-gray treatment may be the ideal solution for them. It is a very simple treatment offered at Hairmate salons, which gradually restores natural color of hair.

What is an Anti-Gray Treatment for Men?

As part of the anti-gray treatment we use special cosmetics containing active substances. As they oxidize, a pigment (the same as the natural pigment) begins to form on the surface of the hair. Gradually, hair regain their color and we can forget about the embarrassing problem of gray hair. No wonder that this treatment is very popular particularly among men, who do not like hair coloring. They feel much more comfortable with the natural effect of such anti-gray treatment.

Hair Cosmetics for Anti-Gray Treatment

Men’s and women’s hair products for anti-gray treatment are available at many drugstores. However, it is still a good idea to have it done by a professional at a hair salon. Especially since the anti-gray treatment at the hairdresser’s can be combined with a haircut. The treatment itself does not take long and is relatively easy to carry out. No need to worry about spending long hours in the chair.

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