Looking back on Men’s Haircut Warsaw

Men’s haircut and consultation with Hairmate expert.

the last few years, we can all agree on one thing: men in Warsaw look much better. The credit for that goes mainly to hairdressers and, of course, David Beckham. All joking aside, the competition is tough, and we like high stakes so we practice a lot. How? By training all the time. On top of that, we attend all the important shows and conferences, we follow the trends and know how to work them in.

Men’s Haircut Warsaw

Men’s haircut is one of the most popular services in hair salons. It’s generally believed that only women go to the hairdressers, but there is nothing more misleading. Without a doubt, men visit us more often, and ladies spend much more time in our salon. So as we want to offer men more than just a men’s clippers cut, our stylists continue to work on their craft, learning to do the most stylish men’s haircuts.

On average, a men’s haircut at our salon takes about 60 minutes. Each service starts with a consultation to determine the client’s wishes and the hairdresser’s recommendations.

If your hair is difficult to tame, our stylist will certainly advise you on:

• which hair washing products to use for your hair type
• which hair care products to use to keep your hair healthy
• how you should apply your styling products to get the desired effect

Of course, you can buy all the men’s styling products used by our stylists during your visit in Hairmate salon.

Including our bestselling Kevin Murphy’s men’s hairstyling pastes.

Men’s Haircut Price List Warsaw

Our price list has a price range for each service. It has to include a range of prices as there are “as many hair types as there are people”. This means that a men’s haircut on curly mid-length hair and a men’s haircut clipped at 6 mm will have different prices due to the amount of work involved in each hairstyle. That is why in HAIRMATE salons the price list for men’s haircuts starts from 80 PLN up to 110 PLN.

Men’s Haircut, Hair Care, Keratin – It’s All There for Men

Men’s haircut Warsaw is not the only service for men mentioned in our price list. Hair care is a service dedicated to everyone.

If your hair is dry, rough, tangled or does not comb easily, then the hair care service in our price list, or Keratin (keratin treatment) are certainly dedicated to you dear men.

We encourage you to book an appointment and we will see you on the chair!

The newest trends. The latest hairstyles. Good vibes, great hair.