Olaplex – what is it? It is a type of treatment using advanced products which provide in-depth regeneration of hair. It is important to remember that despite its extreme strength, hair treatments can unfortunately damage the structure of even the strongest hair. The Olaplex treatment is highly recommended for individuals undergoing intense hair treatments, such as coloring, lightening, straightening with keratin or perming.

How Does Olaplex Work?

Olaplex Hair Treatment is not a moisturizing hair mask or conditioner of any kind. It is a hair regenerating product that helps rebuild hair structures damaged during aggressive hair treatments. Those who use Olaplex for example during coloring or decolorization may get smoother, more flexible hair that looks healthier. In addition, the hair also becomes more resilient, but at the same time less prone to frizz, which is a real nightmare for many people. Thanks to Olaplex it is also easier to style your hair and its color becomes more vivid.

Olaplex for Hair at Hairmate

We already know that Olaplex can be really good for our hair. But how to properly perform this treatment to achieve the desired results? Obviously, it is best to entrust our hair in the hands of professionals. Hairmate has expanded its offer with Olaplex regeneration, which is very popular among our clients. The effects of using advanced products after treatments affecting the condition of hair are visible almost immediately. So if you are concerned about the look of your hair after coloring or lightening, Olaplex treatments may work wonders for your hair.

Thanks to our experienced hairdressers, you can be sure that the treatment will be carried out with the utmost precision. We are confident that the results will be truly satisfying both in terms of the health of your hair and its looks.

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